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Dear Poet-Teachers,

Thank you for all that you do in the name of poetry in California! We deeply value your contributions to the literary, arts education field. As Poet-Teachers, you help to inspire young people throughout California to find their unique voices, to speak up and speak out, and to find authentic healing through self-expression. This is vitally important work!

In order to better serve you, this year we are asking that all Poet-Teachers who intend to be active under the umbrella of our organization in 2023-24, to fill out a form and confirm your status as an active member of our Poet-Teacher network. This includes all Area Coordinators. Thanks to the dozens of folks who have already recertified. We appreciate you! Read on to learn more about recertification.

California Poets in the Schools (CalPoets) is working to clarify and better support Poet-Teachers working under the umbrella of our organization, throughout the state. Our mission and strategic plan explicitly call for a transition to a professional development membership organization with a focus on the network of Poet-Teachers and the students they teach. If you are not familiar with our mission and vision, you can refer to them here.

This year, we require that each active Poet-Teacher “recertify” with the organization. Our intention is to better understand who comprises our network, and what we can do to better support you. If you are using the CalPoets' name, logo, contracts, website, etc. while you are teaching in schools, you are probably an active Poet-Teacher, and this form is for you! If you are currently in training, or otherwise inactive, but intend to become active during the 2023-24 school year, please fill out the form. If you are an area coordinator, please fill out the form.

Recertification is completed through submittable. We estimate that the process will take 20-60 minutes depending upon your role within the organization, and whether you opt in or out of some questions. If you do not submit the recertification form, then you will not be considered an active Poet-Teacher with the organization, and will not gain access to the benefits provided to active Poet-Teachers.

Click here to access the CalPoets’ Recertification Form. The deadline for recertification is June 30th, 2023.


There are benefits and responsibilities that come along with the role of Poet-Teacher. We’ve clarified these benefits and responsibilities here. Currently relevant, please note the following:

  • Active Poet-Teachers (and Poet-Teachers in Training) receive access to the 2023 Symposium for a minimum $25 donation (in person this year!) whereby all others must pay full price to attend.

  • Only active Poet-Teachers will be invited to submit proposals to present at the 2023 Symposium (see below).

  • Only active Poet-Teachers are invited to submit youth poems, and their own poems to our statewide anthology (see below).

  • Only active Poet-Teachers and Board Members are eligible to feature or present at any of 25+ virtual events offered by CalPoets throughout the year.

  • Only active Poet-Teachers are eligible to apply for grants from California Poets in the Schools including support for Special Projects, and support to assist with professional liability insurance/fingerprint costs. In addition, only active Poet-Teachers are eligible for fundraising assistance that may be available through the many government and foundation grants that CalPoets receives each year.

  • If you are not on file as an Active Poet-Teacher, CalPoets will not be at liberty to issue funds to you through our payment processing system.

  • Only active Poet-Teachers are able to use/access current contracts, forms, logos, marketing materials, anthologies etc. All current resources will be made available to active Poet-Teachers who have recertified.

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