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As members of California Poets in the Schools, our Poet-Teachers serve as living models of the commitment to imaginative language and are uniquely capable of sharing an artist’s insights into the creative process. CalPoets poet-teachers are professional published writers with diverse backgrounds. The CalPoets roster includes practicing journalists, novelists, screenwriters, playwrights, musicians, and visual artists. All are expected to maintain a writing and publishing career. Most of our poet-teachers have master’s degrees and/or teaching credentials, and have received awards for their work as writers and artists. CalPoets strives for cultural diversity and is committed to placing poet-teachers who are sensitive to specific student populations. New CalPoets poets are paired with experienced mentors in an extensive training program before classroom placement. 


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Poetry Residency Fact Sheet


CalPoets Poet-Teachers work as independent contractors and are responsible for securing their own residencies. A standard CalPoets contract must be completed and signed by a school representative. Residencies begin as soon as a school, or a district representative authorized to commit funds, signs the approved CalPoets contract. Poetry residencies are designed to fit the needs of each school’s program. The basic one-hour teaching session fee is $75-90, which includes preparation and follow-up time.  For an additional negotiated fee, if stipulated in the contract, poet-teachers will edit and compile a student anthology representing the best writing from the residency (fifteen to sixty sessions only). The school bears the expense of printing production, which can be done on-site, at a district duplicating facility, or through local printers. A mileage fee may be asked

of schools at a great distance (more than twenty-five miles round trip) from the poet’s home.


How Schools/Organizations Can Fund A Residency