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CalPoets' Statement on Equity, Diversity & Inclusion 

As a champion of the literary arts, arts education and the creative life, California Poets in the Schools is committed to promoting policies and practices of cultural equity and self-reflection. This orientation has been reflected in a diverse board, Poet-Teacher members and served communities since our beginning in 1964. We acknowledge that marginalized voices and testimonies have been frequently excluded from mainstream conversations and yet are integral to the vibrancy and intersectionality of the communities where we live and work. We recognize that various perspectives need to be considered in order to make real, lasting, and equitable change.

We aim to offer culturally responsive programs in schools by validating students’ experiences, disrupting power dynamics that privilege dominant groups, and empowering students to speak out. Through culturally relevant lesson plans, formal public events and publications both online and in print, we aim to amplify youth voices for the benefit of all.

We respect the individuality of each member of our community, and we are committed to a workplace free of any kind of discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, disability, national or ethnic origin, politics, or veteran status. We aim to create an organizational culture that values open dialogue, building bridges within our communities and engendering empathy. We aim to model authentic leadership for cultural equity by committing time and resources to diversify staff, board and Poet-Teachers, as well as by acknowledging and dismantling inequity within our policies, systems and programs.

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Resources for Poets and Poet-Teachers:

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