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(Submissions to the State Anthology are open to active Poet-Teachers and their students only)

Hello poets, coordinators, & poet-coordinators,

It’s hard to believe the school year is already over! We’re extending the final deadline to submit poems to the anthology to June 16th. Click here to submit. We hope to receive submissions that represent all the counties where our work is present, a celebration from all corners of the state. We look forward to reading your students’ work.

Here are a few updates / check ins about the anthology:

Poem Limit Raised to 10

As was the case last year, we’d like to expand our invitation of poet-teacher submissions of their students’ work. Whether you’ve submitted already or are getting ready to, you are welcome and invited to submit up to 10 student poems.

Poet-Teacher Poems

You are also invited to submit one of your original poems. You will not be required to submit an art release, as you’re a grown person. Previously published pieces are okay, but please include the name of the publication so that we may acknowledge them. Please submit them by the same deadline, June 9 th .

Golden Ticket

Everyone gets a Golden Ticket! In keeping with the spirit of inclusion in the anthology selection process, every submitting poet-teacher gets to assign a Golden Ticket to one of their student poem submissions, guaranteeing it will be published in the state anthology. A Google form will be sent after the submission deadline for poet teachers to indicate which poem they’d like to give a Golden Ticket.

Student Visual Art

Student visual art for the cover is being accepted as well. If you had any visual poems or visual artwork associated with your poetry lessons this year, please consider submitting them for the anthology cover. Visual art will need to be accompanied by an art release as well. This will not be counted toward your 10 poem submission limit.

Check In

Let me Brennan if there’s anything he can do to help, or if you have any questions or concerns about your submissions.

Thank you!

Brennan DeFrisco, Anthology Editor

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