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Terri Glass, Poet-Teacher from Del Norte Named a California Creative Corps Grantee!

Through a generous grant from Upstate California Creative Corps, Terri Glass has created a series of poems called Plea for Wildlife about the endangered wildlife of Del Norte County. This is to bring public awareness of the fragile wildlife in the area in hope for greater preservation. The first showing of this poetry wall art will be on view at the College of the Redwoods in Crescent City in October of 2023 and move on to various venues in Del Norte throughout the year.

Upstate California Creative Corps is a pilot program of the California Arts Council serving projects that engage vulnerable communities around solutions for some of society's most fundamental challenges – through social practice and an array of art forms. Terri Glass is one of 81 grantees chosen from among close to 300 applicants to this highly competitive grant program.

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