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Student Poets Perform for Residents of Friends House, Santa Rosa

On December 12, 2019, four student poets (all of whom were published in the latest CalPoets' statewide Anthology), Meg Hamill (Executive Director of CalPoets) and Jackie Huss Hallerberg (Board Secretary and Sonoma County Poet-Teacher) performed their

poetry for forty residents and guests of Friends House in Santa Rosa. Friends House is an active retirement home with many special events for residents and community members.

Clare Morris and Vilma Ginzberg, co-chair of the monthly Poetry Plus evening, had invited

CalPoets to read original poetry for the appreciative audience. Along with Meg and Jackie, four middle school students took the stage: Daniela Areguin, Leandro German, Aidan Hursh, and Ryan Martin. Jackie had previously taught these students at Roseland Elementary and Brooks Elementary. Although Clare and Vilma had asked that applause be held until the end of the evening, the crowd could not hold back after hearing the students’ poignant poems.

Josef Szuecs, local musician, played guitar for a musical interlude.

CalPoets gifted audience members with a 2014 anthology and in exchange received an

invitation to come back for a repeat performance in the coming year at Friends House.

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