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It Takes Everyone: Mendocino County Youth Anthology 2019-20

The Mendocino County Youth Poetry Anthology is coming! Available for order on Dec 15. Advance order your copy by emailing

It Takes Everyone: Mendocino County Youth Anthology 2019-20

edited by Blake More

This is an anthology of youth poetry written during California Poets In The Schools Poet-Teacher residencies throughout Mendocino County K-12 schools, during the 2019-20 school year. This collection featvers a wide range of age groups and communities from within the county who worked with Mendocino County Poet Teachers Bill Churchill, PJ Flowers, Jasper Henderson, Hunter Gagnon, Dan Levension, Karen Lewis, Blake More, Dan Roberts and Will Staple. This project was made possible thanks to the Mendocino Office of Education, the California Arts Council Arts In the Schools Program, GASP, and California Poets In the Schools.

From the title poem:

It Takes Everyone

The change in our world

is not going to just happen

we need to work

and try and push ourselves

to heal the earth

before many more are injured

and some are dead.

Let’s all give a helping hand

and turn this world around.

When will we realize that it takes one

and everyone to make the change.

Kaitlin Espinoza

Grade 11, Anderson Valley HS

Arthur Folz, Classroom Teacher

Blake More, Poet Teacher

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