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Healing Through the Arts

Margo Perin presented "Healing through the Arts" at the Sonoma Arts Ed Org Leaders Group in February, featuring perspectives by three of our illustrious CalPoets network coordinators and teaching artists, and a teaching artist from London, England, whose work is focused on healing through the literary arts. The teaching artists featured were:

CalPoets LA Network Coordinator Jessica Wilson Cardenas is an LA poet, co-founder of the LA Poet Society, and publisher of marginalized voices.

CalPoets San Joaquin Network Coordinator Tama Brisbane is Stockton's multi-year Poet Laureate and founder of With Our Words.

CalPoets San Bernardino/Riverside poet-teacher Rose Angelica Alonso, poet, editor of LAPS “Acid Verse: Queer Uprising”

Remi Graves, poet, drummer, UK teaching artist

Please let Margo know if you’re interested in presentations in your area.

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