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Area Coordinator and Master Poet-Teacher Highlight: Cie Gumucio (Santa Barbara County)

Cie Gumucio is a Master Poet/Teacher and Area Coordinator in Santa Barbara for Cal Poets in the Schools. In 2021, Cie worked in collaboration with elementary students, the Botanic Garden, and the Santa Barbara Museum of Art to help bring awareness to the plight of the monarch butterflies. Poetry with Wings engaged more than 1000 students in our community and won a Santa Barbara Beautiful Award.

Cie Gumucio has designed art installations incorporating poetry, video, and dance. She curated the TEDx event, Rediscovery of the Senses in Los Angeles. Her solo Los Angeles art exhibit Writers in Search of the Sacred explored the convergence of art, literature, and spirituality.

Her writing and performance has been selected for the Speaking of Stories series and her poetry has been published in numerous Anthologies. Prior to becoming a Poetry teacher, she won awards for writing in the film and television industry.

I believe in...

Unique entry points for poem-making

Music. Art. Meditation. Improv. All are catalysts that invite deeper engagement so

students can discover their own unique voices.

I believe in...

Community engagement

When student poems are displayed in local art museums, bookstores, libraries, botanic gardens and ecology-minded organizations - kids feel more connected to their community and where they live.

I believe in...

The poetic imaginations of our students

They have so much inside that longs to be expressed...poetry provides that opening.

–Cie Gumucio

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