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Warm Thanks to Julie Valin

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

California Poets in the Schools would like to acknowledge and thank Julie Valin for her years of dedication as Area Coordinator for Nevada (and surrounding) counties. Julie Valin trained as a Poet-Teacher for CalPoets in 2009, under friend and mentor's guidance, Chris Olander. Chris and Julie worked together as partners for many years and as Julie says: "He taught me everything I know about CalPoets!" Around 2013, Will Staple passed the torch of Area Coordinator on to Julie. It was a privilege that Julie took seriously. She served as assistant editor for CalPoets' anthologies for a few years around that time. Julie was the Executive Editor of the Anthology for 2016 - Where Animals Move Like Planets (foreword by Molly Fisk), and 2017 - Singing the Feathers of Freedom (foreword by Dana Gioia). Julie has passed the Area Coordinator position of Nevada County to Kirsten Casey.

Julie says: "I'm going to miss the AC meetings we used to have at the State Poetry Out Loud competition, and all of you wonderful people, but I will still be connected and happy to support Kirsten in her vision!"

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