Summer 2020: Student Poems from the Pandemic

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Then, Now, When and How

I believe in then, now, when and how,

the moo of the cow coming from where the green grass grows.

I believe in when and how, now and then, the regretful, sad moan

of the lone whale now headed for home.

I believe in our ancestors who cultivated civilization, yes.

I believe in that, even the little scurrying rat,

the tap, tap, tap of the winter rain.

I believe in early civilization, yes, yes, I do, but the vision of it

is now, then, when, how... it has grown so sophisticated and for that,

it is lowly rated by me.

I used to believe in bells, buttons, rings, and rockets with sprockets.

Now I don't - it's not my way of life.

I believe in sustainability, subsistence.

I believe in the elk, the deer - the cry of the moon calling out to the sun

to deplete the darkness of dawn.

I believe in myself, the ocean, the motion of the waves.

I believe.

by: Micah Jacobs

Poet-Teacher: Jackie Hallerberg

County: Sonoma


The Light in My Hand

In the palm of my hand there is a light that

travels with me.

It whispers to me I am the pearl of the ocean

I am the light of the moon

I am the sunny eye and the swaying dragon.

It goes to a place of shininess where a river starts and by

that river it leads me to the moon.

When it is done it leads me to the ticking and tocking

of the pocket watch.

It shows me the way of the spark.

by: Ariel J. Jauregui

County: Sonoma


Dear Baron Shahé

Quarantine is like being a fish in the ocean,

scared and vulnerable, not knowing what’s out there.

Covid-19 is the shark that’s chasing after all of us.

The school of fish means more food for the shark.

The ones that stay away, have a better chance to survive.

I’m one of those fish, scared of the world, not wanting

to leave my home because the predator is ready to attack

at any moment. I live in fear, not wanting to be hit

by the monster that is out there killing people one by one,

not wanting to be a part of those numbers, not wanting

to be the one who dies. It’s a scary world we live in.

We never know what will come next.

Best regards,

Claudine Azilazian

By Claudine Azilazian

County: Los Angeles


Dear Baron Shahé

I’m hoping this letter finds you in great spirits.

All thoughts, emotions, and mental expectations

Have been halted due to this shelter in place order.

All forms of communication, social interaction

with friends and family seems a thing of distant past.

Oh, when will we ever experience normalcy or even

breathe freely without restrictions or lockdowns?

Spending countless hours thinking how someone’s

lack of responsibility placed the entire world

into this position of uncertainty.

Best regards,

Alique Klahejian

By: Alique Klahejian

County: Los Angeles


Dear Baron Shahé

By the end of the day, my phone’s and computer’s batteries are dead and I end up with an immense headache. I am now well acquainted with the Amazon delivery guy, and my bookshelf has exploded. The crow that always flies over our house, when this little bird sits on the powerline and chirps, is named Treasure Hunt, and the little bird, Ex. Ex marks the spot. I thought it was amusing, but my sister is now worried for my sanity. I blame it on being cooped up all day. To entertain myself I get a bag of M&M’s and microwave them. Then, I get one in my left hand and one in my right, and hold them up with my fingers. Then, it becomes a competition as I squish them to see which one cracks first. The uncracked champion versus the next M&M in line, and so on and so forth, until the last M&M standing. You may find my champion M&M in the envelope I mailed you. Please forward my champion to the M&M headquarters for breeding purposes.

Thank you,

Aleen Kojikian

By: Aleen Kojikian

County: Los Angeles


Dear Baron,

I’m a bowl of soggy organic wheat waffles cereal from Whole Foods. It was the only option available; it’s quite good actually. Cultural and societal standards seep into every crevice. They ponder; they revile my appearance. Before they consumed me, they were just thoughts.

“Friends” treat my loyalty like the bowl, an outsider. They think if you break it, you can just buy a new one, a replacement; cleaner than before, unused, untouched, stable. Do they realize a new one is a backstab? Lingering is a backstab.

Almond milk is my heart, vegan. I miss someone I’ve never met. I love someone I’ve never meat. How did I establish that relationship in my head when they don’t even know I exist? Their acting gave it all away, so profound, so emotionally abusive. Its familiarity is making it addictive. No matter the warp it puts me in, I crave it. It’s dominant, but it was a joke from the start. It broke the internet.

I placed a spoon in the fridge the night before. Why? I knew when I woke up my eyes would have the reminisces from the hours of leftover curdled water I had shed until 3:36 a.m. Double the size, size 24 to be precise; font Arial not Times New Roman, and not double spaced. They were single-spaced, thin lining, red. Minus the subduing of outside forces I have repressed myself from those whom I thought I knew. They did it first. “A relationship isn’t about one person trying to force a connection. If It’s not reciprocated, move on.”

--Natalia Agadjian

By: Natalia Agadjian

County: Los Angeles


The Fifth Season

Dear Daydreamer,

I walk through the rows of roses admiring their beauty.

The clouds are swirled into a series of perfect wisps.

The birds have taken it upon themselves to make music;

I tip my gold Crown as a greeting when I pass by each of my people,

Ignoring the hissing Serpentine hiding in the bushes.

It’s Spring. At least I think so.

I wave to the bees in the buttercups.

The soothing sound of the Golden Streams lull me to sleep.

The sun kisses my skin with soft, warm lips.

Life feels like nothing more than a lucid dream.