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Poet-teacher Karen Lewis Poem for the Fort Bragg Alleyway Murals Project

Poet-teacher Karen Lewis created a poem for the Fort Bragg Alleyway Murals Project. Each mural has a QA code that leads to the website where poems and artists' info are featured. The murals are livening up the community. Many murals feature marine and local biome elements, like "Harbor Seals" created by visual artist Nicola Beatts.


Summer sun illuminates icy seas

Where seals carry fire in their hearts

Each journey is painted with bubbles and kelp

Across an endless horizon of dreams

Shadow swimmers

Harbor drifters

Deep divers

Fish lovers

Wave surfers

Ocean guardians

Oh, salty creatures of our planet—


May you swim forever

Around our blue planet, our bronze sun.

by Karen Lewis

California Poets in the Schools

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