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New Poet-Teacher Highlight: Milani Pelley (Alameda County)

Milani Pelley is a forever-changing being, probably not initially from this earth. An advocate of children, families, art, spirituality, and freedom for all people, Milani was born and raised and gave birth in Berkeley; She believes Black people belong in Berkeley. Milani believes in Matriarchy and Divine Love and uses her gifts as an educator, healer, poet, and facilitator of self-expression and healing to create this in the world.

Milani has performed at the Opera House in San Francisco and for activists Will, Saul Williams, Jesse Jackson, and Angela Davis. She solely represented Oakland in the Women of the World Poetry Slam in 2010. She was a part of Team Oakland in 2010, placing top four in group-piece finals, and was a member of Team Oakland in 2011, ranking top ten in the nation. To hear, read and speak Milani’s words is truly an unforgettable experience. To participate in her workshops is transformative.

“I enjoy working with people of any age, whether 4 years old or 94 years old. Everyone has a voice, story, and journey that deserves to be heard and documented.”

“My favorite lesson plans are “Purpose” and “Manifestation”. I believe it is essential to know one's purpose and what one is made to do on this earth. I enjoy the power of manifestation and activating that through writing.”

— Milani Pelley

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