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I’D RATHER BE LIGHTNING - New Book of Poems by LA Poet-Teacher Nancy Lynée Woo

"Nancy Lynee Woo's dreadfully charming ecopocalypse I'D RATHER BE LIGHTINING is such a beautiful, jarring, funny, and wild collection of poems, capturing the hopes and fears of a young Angeleno at the cusp of the end of the world.” —Pete Hsu

Nancy Lynée Woo transmutes eco-anxiety into dynamic and playful poems, writing into the absurdity of the global crises facing humanity with a soft wit, enduring hope, and deep love for the more-than-human world. Eco-feminism moving at lightspeed, I’D RATHER BE LIGHTNING captures a Millennial’s despair over environmental destruction with bolts of humor, compassion, and formal experimentation.

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