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How to Submit to the 2023 California Poets in the Schools State Anthology

1) Sign Up / Log In to Submittable

In order to submit to the anthology, you’ll need to sign up for a free Submittable account

If you already have an account on your student email, click the “Sign In” tab and enter your

Email and password. You can also use password recovery to create a new password by

hitting the “Forgot?” button on the “Sign In” tab.

2) Go to California Poets in the Schools Submittable Platform

Once you’re signed in, this link will take you to the landing page.

Click “Submit” on the State Anthology listing, the only one currently available.

This will take you to the submission page.

Please review all the requirements of submitting before starting the application.

California Poets in the School staff are able to submit 5 poems per classroom they teach in.

Students submitting their own work are able to submit 1-2 poems total.

3) Fill Out Application Information / Attach Poem

Fill out all the application question boxes. Be sure to follow instructions.

For “Submission Upload”, choose your poem from your files to add or drag and drop the

poem from a folder directly into the “Submission Upload” dotted box.

Make sure all the required information is present on your submitted poem.

4) Have a Parent or Guardian Fill Out the Art Release Form

All submitting students under the age of 18 must have an Art Release Form filled out

in order to be eligible for publication. Beneath the “Submission Upload” section, there are

links to all the different release forms. Forms are available in English and Spanish. There are

links to electronic forms, which can be filled out online and are by far the easiest to fill out.

There are also PDF forms, which can be printed out, filled out, and signed by hand. If you

choose to fill out a PDF form, take a picture of the completed form and attach it to the

bottom of your submission form.

5) Click Submit! You’re Done!

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