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CalPoets' Students Poetry Visual Art Projects on Display at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco

From April 4-May 13th, forty-seven new poetry visual arts projects by ninth graders at Lowell H.S. in San Francisco will be on display at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco near the Civic Center. The students’ projects were the culmination of their California Poets in the Schools' weekly poetry writing sessions.

Students could choose to create their visual art project from their oral history poems, love poems or poems about feelings, exploration of self, ekphrastic poems from paintings of their choice, or fruit odes inspired by Pablo Neruda’s odes. Some students created drawings with the text of their poems; some created clay models representing the topic of their poems; some created “dioramas” or mobiles.

The display of the students’ work is located on the first floor of the museum near the gift shop. The museum’s education director kindly provided students and their families and their English teachers a free family pass to view the display of their projects and the entire museum.

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