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CalPoets Students' Poetry Visual Art Now on Display at the SF Asian Art Museum

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

Thirty-six Lowell High School's students' poetry visual arts projects are now on display at the San Francisco Asian Art Museum from now until May 2022.

The students created their visual arts projects to showcase poems they'd created during their poetry workshops with SF Calpoets' poet teacher, Susan Terence. Students had the option of presenting their poems theatrically, musically, through a video, or by creating a visual arts component.

Topics of their poems (and accompanying visual arts projects) included oral history narratives, exploration of self, love poems, ekphrastic poems about a chosen painting, odes to fruits (inspired by Pablo Neruda's odes), and social justice issues.

The poetry sessions and creation of visual arts projects were funded by the Lowell H.S.Alumni Assoc., the Lowell H.S. English Dept., The Calif. Arts Council, CalPoets and the Robert and Elise Haas Foundation.

The SF Asian Art Museum is located at 200 Larkin St., San Francisco, Cal. 94102. (The students' artwork is displayed in front of the Education conf. rooms across from the gift shop at the Asian Art Museum.)

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