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California Poets in the Schools Youth Broadsides 2021

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

California Poets in the Schools helps previously unpublished young voices to find their audience, while creating tangible memories to be shared with future generations. Our goal is to publish one broadside per day through the month of April. Each young published poet will receive copies of their printed broadside, as well as a special opportunity to participate in a master class with Juan Felipe Herrera - 21st U.S. Poet Laureate. Warm thanks to broadside editors Magdalena Rose Montagne and Brennan DeFrisco, as well as Fernando Albert Salinas - graphic designer. We will add broadsides to this page throughout the month of April.

Happy National Poetry Month! We will add student broadsides to this page throughout the month of April, and into May.

"Remember" by Vanatour Boyamyan in Los Angeles County

"Underwater" by Berna Paloma Queener in Humboldt County

"Voice of the Wind" by Finn Hayman in Sonoma County. Maureen Hurley was Finn's Poet-Teacher in the classroom.

"Tonight" by Gilda Busch-Wheaton in Alameda County. Maureen Hurley was Gilda's Poet-Teacher in the classroom.

"Losing Your Loved One" by Emily Walsh in Marin County

"Perceptions Flicker Through the Flame" by Chelsea Fogle in Ventura County

"Goddess" by Masha Malakhova in Marin County