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Brennan's Workshop Has Kids (and Moms) Fundraising For More

"After my poetry recitation residency at Oak Grove Elementary in Sonoma County, I was contacted privately by one of my students' parents. She said she'd never seen him write so much and asked about my coming to work with him and some of his classmates over the summer for a couple poetry workshops. She organized and fundraised with a few other parents and we held two poetry workshops for five students I'd worked with at Oak Grove. I consider it the best feedback possible that elementary students decided they wanted to spend some of their summer vacation writing poems and continuing to work with me. Warms my whole poet heart to know that it matters that much to them as well."

-Brennan DeFrisco, CalPoets' Area Coordinator for Contra Costa County

“My son, Baylen, was so inspired by your poetry classes at Oak Grove.  He used a journal at home and wrote more than I've ever seen him write, sometimes at bedtime and even the next morning before school."

-Mom of poetry student at Oak Grove

“After two special  summer poetry sessions with a group of five kids and Brennan, all five kids asked for more!”

- Torina Feyh, workshop coordinator

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